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Visited the affordable art fair last weekend in Battersea.
Couldn't afford anything.
Plus, when you live on a boat, you need <small> art lol.
Solution. Find a piece you really love. Ask if it's OK if you can take a picture? An artist thanked me for asking this, Dan Parry-Jones from Bristol, he said few people bothered. He was a real nice dude. And his art is super excellent. And he <does> have boat sized pieces. I will be staying in touch with him.
This artist, Simon Burbidge, wasn't there, unfortunately. I loved his war planes and tanks made from model kit decals. The best thing I saw at the fair in my humble opinion and taste. £1,600 for a large piece. Very nice. But too big and too expensive for the likes of me.
So, buy a little A5 frame with a mount on eBay or Amazon (this one was six quid). Print your photo and frame it.
Ta da. Boat sized art.
It was even easier for me in this instance. The gallerist gave me Simon's card - bingo - an A5 print of his "Memphis Belle" piece. What luck.
Affordable art. Fair?
You could argue I'm not being fair on the artists. Well, here's the thing. If their gallerists made affordable prints or cards, I'd have bought them. Simples, in my eyes. Feel free to disagree. My mission statement is to always make affordable art.
Check out both these guys work. Hell, buy something from them:

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