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Heavy Manners Artivism is the site for all things arty from Stevil.

Including Comics, Original Artworks, Affordable Art (prints, badges, postcards, stickers etc). We aim to make all products as ecologically friendly as possible.

Stevil's work is unashamedly political. He sees his art as a means of communication of information. Comics legend Jack Kirby once said "comics is journalism". But you won't find any capes here. 

His artwork is more likely to be influenced by Woody Guthrie, Joe Strummer or Bruce Springsteen than other painters or illustrators. Though he loves Picasso and Jasper Johns. He used to love David Hockney until he disgracefully got into bed with The S*n.

He lives on a 70 year old wooden boat on the Thames near his studio in Windsor.

E Mail Stevil at stevil@heavy-manners.co.uk

"Inspiration can find you, but it has to find you working" Pablo Picasso

Absence of artist statement follows...

Heavy Manners AKA Stevil. Artivism. The cat is the best anarchist. Comfort the disturbed, disturb the comfortable. Strummer. Weapons of mass communication. Orwell. Art is journalism. Guthrie. Spread love not fear. Retaliate first. Steinbeck. Fuck Hockney & The S*n. On-U Sound. Entarte Kunst. Will Eisner. Lego Rebellion. Haring. Talent borrows, genius steals. Guerrilla Girls. Less is more. All art is recycled. Kwesi Johnson. Public Enemy. Captain Swing. Bomb the past. Copy and paste more pretentious nonsense here to make up the word count. No pop no style. Bob & Roberta. Advertising is legalised lying; the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket. Jasper Johns. Every child is an artist. Basta! Art is the lie that enables us to realise the truth. Robert Indiana. Under heavy manners. Scratch Perry, Grayson Perry, Fred Perry. It’s not finished, it’s abandoned. Luther Blissett. Everything in moderation; especially moderation. Sample it, loop it, fuck it and eat it. Jack Kirby. But my five year old did do this. Turning rebellion into money. A sudden outbreak of peace. Laugh at yourself. So it goes.