About Heavy Manners

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Heavy Manners Art is the site for all things arty from Stevil.

Including Comics, Original Artworks, Affordable Art (prints, badges, postcards, stickers etc). We aim to make all products as ecologically friendly as possible.

Stevil's work is unashamedly political. He sees his art as a means of communication of information. Comics legend Jack Kirby once said "comics is journalism". But you won't find any superheroes here. 

His artwork is more likely to be influenced by Woody Guthrie, Joe Strummer or Bruce Springsteen than other painters or illustrators. Though he loves Picasso and Jasper Johns. He used to love David Hockney until he disgracefully got into bed with The S*n.

He lives and works on a 70 year old wooden boat on the Thames.


E Mail Stevil at stevil@heavy-manners.co.uk


"Inspiration can find you, but it has to find you working" Pablo Picasso