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The story behind this one; Whilst in the corona virus lockdown, I took a cycle for my daily exercise into town, where I was expecting deserted streets and clean air, just like the previous six weeks. I was shocked to see the bridge over the Thames full of cars; the whole town centre locked down with traffic gridlock. Why? The McDonalds drive-through had reopened that morning. Clean air or dirty burgers, I asked myself?

Online chats reveal people are really excited about the thought of being able to go “leisure” shopping again soon. What have we collectively learnt from this health crisis? Do we really want to go “back to normal”? I have yet to find an online chat where everyone is talking about being excited to go to an art gallery again.

So I came home and painted this.I wanted it to look a bit like 70's wallpaper, both beautiful and ugly at the same time. Because we've seen the best and worst of people during this crisis.

Shopping won’t mend your broken heart. But art will.

And I'm reading the wrong online chats...

It's available to buy on my Etsy store here




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