Public Hero Number One

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I created this picture three years ago. I'd intended to make my own "stamp" to print on the back of postcards instead of the Queen. And the choice of who was to appear on the stamps was obvious to me. I had no idea how timely it would seem when I sent the postcards to print four weeks ago. #BlackLivesMatter

Lyrics reproduced without permission. Because they matter.

Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant shit to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain
Motherfuck him and John Wayne
'Cause I'm Black and I'm proud
I'm ready and hyped plus I'm amped
Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps
Sample a look back you look and find
Nothing but rednecks for 400 years if you check
Don't worry be happy
Was a number one jam
Damn if I say it you can slap me right here
(Get it) let's get this party started right
Right on, c'mon
What we got to say
Power to the people no delay
Make everybody see
In order to fight the powers that be

(c) Public Enemy "Fight The Power" 1990

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