There Is No Time Machine App

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My comics aren't black and white because they're cheaper to produce than full colour; the printing costs are exactly the same in fact. Though clearly full colour would take more resource time to create in the first instance. They're black and white because I like it like that. Stark. Brutal. Simple. 

However, a friend of mine, Alain, wanted to collaborate by colouring some of the pages, just as a fun exercise. And in truth, they looked great. So an idea was hatched. "There Is No Time Machine App" is a one page, full page comic panel, with what I think is a clear message, and the comic was already at the printers being printed.


There Is No Time Machine App from Heavy Manners Comic Bulletin One


However, it had occurred to me that some simple colouring could improve both the aesthetic, and also make the message clearer. So I asked Alain to have a go at colouring the mobile phone screen image, to hammer home the juxtaposition between the "now" and the "future". What he did really surprised me, he replaced my line drawing completely, by digitally painting on top of it, giving it a kind of beautiful childrens' illustrated book feel to it, almost Disney like. Far too pretty for my liking. And that's why it is absolutely perfect. Brilliant work.

There Is No Time Machine App Limited Edition A5 Art Print from Heavy Manners Comic Bullet One

Given the comic was already at the printers, I decided to produce a limited edition art print of the coloured version, to create a limited edition variant of the comic, with each one signed and numbered.

If you're interested, you can buy the finished work here.

Future collaborations could be in store...





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