Without people, you're nothing

Posted by Steve Lowes on

When people ask what artists inform my work, #1 is always Joe Strummer. A portrait I painted of him hangs above me in my tiny pigsty studio and he keeps an eye on me as I work. This keeps me focused. When I look at the chaos that surrounds me, I often think, what would Joe do?

I'm fortunate to do some work for The Joe Strummer Foundation - a charity set up with the aims of the prevention or relief of poverty, to provide space and instruments and to promote music and the arts. 

The foundation have struggled with fundraising throughout the Covid pandemic due to a lack of events, their primary source of fundraising.

So I've started making some work to sell to raise funds for the foundation. 

You can buy them on my Etsy store by clicking here

All monies from the sale of these works (apart from what Etsy and the Royal Mail get) will go directly to The Joe Strummer Foundation.

Find out more about the foundation's amazing work here 


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