Water Melon Woven Patch

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Free Palestine Watermelon Woven Patch. 7cm diameter.

I'm grateful to see so many people publicly displaying their solidarity with the Palestinian people, despite the horrific reasons for the rise in public support. I'm humbled by the messages I've had regards my tiny part in that. Thank you. But what next, and my work? The plight doesn't end with a ceasefire. If the eyes of the world avert their glaze, no progress can be made. We need to remain visible. I began thinking of something more permenant. Hope. Something that could be sewn on bags, shirts, jackets, caps, jeans, shorts. A woven patch. I had to remove some of the detail - the patch would have to have been ridiculously large to have accurately shown that minute detail, but actually I realised that's what the hope for the future is. After the tears.

7cm Diameter. This item requires stitching to attach to clothing - it is not an iron-on or sticky backed patch.

Designed by Stevil of Heavy Manners 2024. #FreePalestine #CeaseFireNow

Postage costs are ridiculous for a patch as they have to be sent as a large letter by the Royal Mail. You can save on shipping costs by buying multiple items from my Etsy shop. Cheers, Stevil.