Palestine Watermelon Badge

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Palestine Watermelon 38mmBadge.

After the Six Day War in 1967, Israel banned Palestinians from publicly displaying their national flag, or even just it's four colours; red, white, black and green. Brave activists defied this ban by using watermelons, with similar colouring, to display their national identity with pride.

This design honours those activists, who faced imprisonment (or worse) for even publicly carrying a slice of watermelon. I updated the design in 2023 in response to the unfolding horror in Gaza by making the watermelon pips tears. The tears of children. Free Palestine Now. #FreePalestine #CeasefireNow

Then a strange thing happened. Two teachers got in touch with me, from different parts of the world. They said they were banned from showing any support for Palestinians in their schools. They were banned from talking about the war to their pupils. So, between us, we concocted a plan. I'd make watermelon badges for them with no text on them. So, like in 1967 in Palestine, they could wear watermelon badges in their schools to show support, but without attracting the wrath of the authorities. Life imitating art imitating life. Full circle.

Designed by Stevil of Heavy Manners Artivism 2023.

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