Big Oil Treats The Kids... A4 Art Print

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Big Oil Treats The Kids…

…to a tasty treat of a future of misery, despair, horror and death. #NoMore Oil #JustStopOil

A4 art print on 100% recycled board. Signed & stamped with eco friendly ink on reverse.

ALL PROFITS from the sale of this print go to REBELS IN PRISON.

The UK Government is locking up non-violent climate activists in prison. Whilst you might not agree with the activists methods, hopefully you agree that making political prisoners of activists non-violently holding this Government to account on their lack of action on the Climate Disaster is utterly wrong. Those rebels in prison need support, Rebels In Prison provide that support. They need funds in order to do this. Hopefully sales of this print will help. Thank you x

Please visit the Rebels In Prison website for more information here

From an original painting, spray paint on reclaimed MDF, by Stevil of Heavy Manners Art 2021.

Design also available as a set of 5 recycled postcards.