Bloodlines A6 Postcard

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Bloodlines. A6 100% recycled postcard.

New fossil fuel infrastructure is literally killing human beings as the climate emergency unfolds. Oil is killing humanity. The United Nations agree. So why the fuck are nations and corporations allowed to continue to build new fossil fuel infrastructure capacity? Insanity.

I have donated the rights to use this image to climate activist groups, who have used it on flyers and posters. See example image of flyposters used by activists in the UK campaigning against Exxon Mobil's new Southampton to London increased capacity aviation fuel pipeline. If you're an activist and would like to use the image, please get in touch and I will send you the art files - I would be honoured to help. Non commercial purposes only.

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From an original painting acrylic on canvas by Stevil of Heavy Manners Artivism 2022.