British Bombs A3 Art Print

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British Bombs (Lest We Forget) A3 Art Print

Every year we remember the brave souls who died for our country in horrific wars. We say "lest we forget", with hope that we will never see such horrors again. At the same time, British bombs are falling on innocent people across the globe. Death and horror our proud global export. Subsidised by the UK taxpayer. Let's not forget.

High quality art print on recycled board. Stamped on reverse with eco friendly vegan ink and signed and dated. Original artwork acrylic and spray paint on canvas by Stevil of Heavy Manners 2019.

Shipped flat in recycled hardbacked envelope with recycled stiffener board (perfect for re-using to cut a stencil and make your own art).

If you would like your print framed (white frame, glass glazing), please also add that option to your cart before purchase.

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