Bundle of 3 "Love & Hope" A6 Recycled Notebook Pencil Sets

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BUNDLE OF 3 A6 recycled paper notebook & recycled bank note pencil sets

Bundle of 3 notebooks & 3 pencils - ideal for gifting and save on shipping

Recycled board cover with 64 plain white inner pages

Pencil is made from recycled banknotes, printed THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS and HEAVY MANNERS as a tribute to Woody Guthrie.

100% recycled materials

Designed by Stevil of Heavy Manners

Random pencil fict*

During the space race, the Americans spent years and millions of taxpayers’ dollars developing a pen that would work in the extreme conditions endured during space flight; the lack of gravity, extremes of temperatures & pressure and would also be inflammable. The Russians simply used pencils.

*Like a fact. But possibly fiction. In a post-truth world, who knows? Karen?