Committed Rebel Art Print

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A4 High quality print on 100% recycled art board. Design by Stevil 2023.

I was asked to design an enamel badge and art print to celebrate the life of Ricky Oates. I didn't know Ricky very well, so more about Ricky, our Committed Rebel, by some rebels who knew and loved him:

 We keep waiting to see Ricky coming towards us in a green or blue vest, smiling and waving, catching up with friends and helping others, but not any more. Ricky died earlier in 2023, in his thirties and far too early. He had mental and physical issues since birth but our broken system failed to properly support him. Ironically Ricky was always the one to help others.

Many activists knew him; he’d pop up always helping, supporting and forever positive and resilient, all over XR, Stop HS2, Animal Rising, Insulate Britain and other groups across our movement; on actions and behind the scenes. His went by the name Committed Rebel and after his death, a good friend of his suggested having a badge to remember him by.

XR has supporters from all walks of life and our Ricky was troubled. He’d taken some hard knocks and given a few and yet with every reason to adopt a selfish mean attitude Ricky chose love. He chose getting involved and those of us that chose to support him supportingus, are better for it and that's the essence of XR.

Although it's the actions that make a fuss and get spoken about, the real work is happening behind the scenes. For every person that gets arrested many don't because without those support roles we would just be worried people throwing paint and blocking roads and I for one certainly wouldn't feel so safe risking arrest without people behind us in support roles.

Some of us get committed, true, but that's not the real story. The real work are the commitments we make to each other in challenging our systems to mitigate our baser instincts instead of rewarding them. Being committed to telling the truth and acting like its real is no easy ask and the work that holds all this crazy together is those who take on the support roles helping us all grow as individuals and as a collective.

All monies raised from the sale of this art print will go to Rebels In Prison Support.

Set up by the family and friends of people held in prison after climate protests in early 2021, Rebels in Prison support is a organisation set up to support activists who have been imprisoned fighting for a new world. We are an independent organisation set up by individuals from Extinction Rebellion, Burning Pink & other independent groups.

Visit the Rebels In Prison Support website here

A4 High quality print on 100% recycled art board. Design by Stevil 2023. Signed & stamped on reverse with eco ink.