Girifna! Badge

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Girifna 38mm Badge

Literal translation from Arabic; "We Are Fed Up".

Girifna is a non-violent Sudanese movement, founded by university students in 2009, protesting against  war, corruption, dictatorship, injustice, and discrimination against minorities in war-torn Sudan. The movement used the colour orange in clothing, banners and flags to identify themselves.

Oppressive and violent policing in Sudan could result in imprisonment or worse for members or supporters of the movement, so they took to carrying an orange as a simple method of identifying themselves whilst avoiding the attention of the authorities.

My badge honours those brave sisters and brothers resisting oppression.

38mm Badge. Design by Stevil of Heavy Manners 2022.

Shipping costs on badges are ridiculously high for just one badge (as they cannot be sent as a letter). Especially outside of the UK. If you order more than one item, you'll save money on shipping. So how about treating a friend to a badge?