Hard Core Pawn Issue One

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A pawnographic collection of thought provoking short stories of racism, gender politics, capitalism, alcoholism, refugees, terrorism, democracy and, above all, humanity, told not through human characters but instead chess pieces.
“Loved it. Cracking work. A great collection of stories old and new, with an all too familiar villain throughout...”

SCROOBIUS PIP (Musician, Podcaster, Writer, Actor)

 32 Page USA format comic. Printed on heavy stock recycled paper.

Not recommended for children.

Warning: May contain the truth.

Some quotes from online reviews:

"Hard-hitting and occasionally outrageously amusing...it just goes perfectly to show that politics and farce go hand-in-hand, but we all knew that right?" PAGE45.COM

“Easily transferable to an audience outside of comics. This comic could find itself easily in any critical literature course in a university. Stevil criticizes and uses his voice and his pen to chart a commentary on us. This is what cartoonists were supposed to do” COMICBOOKBIN.COM