No Music On A Dead Planet badge

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No Music On A Dead Planet 38mm Badge

My understanding of the message is to hammer home that we will lose everything we cherish and love if we do not halt the warming of our planet. I cannot live without music, it soundtracks everything that happens in my life; good and bad. If we cannot fully understand what the impact of global warming will be, we can understand this simple message. And that's surely enough for us to take action.   

I'm not sure who coined this phrase first? It's been used by #MusicDeclaresEmergency and #ExtinctionRebellion amongst others. I used it in a collage; torn, stained and burnt scraps of fabric printed with a music score, which had been used as christmas gift wrapping. Nothing is wasted in my studio. This design uses that collage.

38mm Badge. Design by Stevil of Heavy Manners 2022.

Shipping costs on badges are ridiculously high for just one badge (as they cannot be sent as a letter). Especially outside of the UK. If you order more than one item, you'll save money on shipping. So how about treating a friend to a badge?