Seriously Annoying Protest Badge Set

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Seriously Annoying Protest Badge Set. 4 x 38mm badges on backing card.

The Police Crime & Sentencing Bill being rushed through by the current Tory government is oppressive legislation, aimed at curtailing protest against the government; an infringement of our human rights, our rights to free assembly, our rights to free speech. Furthermore it criminalises trespass and persecutes the traveller community. And what doesn't make the headlines are the far reaching powers it will grant the Home Secretary, giving them the ability to amend the legislation as they see fit with no further scrutiny by Parliament.

What does make the headlines is up to 10 YEARS IN PRISON for "seriously annoying" protests, aimed in name at the Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion movements, but affecting all protests. The bill is the work of an authoritarian regime that seeks to avoid scrutiny, combined with further legislation that seeks to imprison journalists who speak out against the state in the media.

What can get you a prison sentence at a protest for being "seriously annoying"? Playing drums? Using megaphones? Chalk spraying a statue? Using smoke grenades? Yep. All of the above. A protest without any disruption is a pointless protest, it's not a protest at all. Where a government tells you that you can protest as long as it's on their terms, be afraid. The police are their henchmen and women.

As of now, wearing the "Seriously Annoying" badge set in solidarity with protestors on the front line, will NOT get you a prison sentence. But the Home Secretary can change that at any time and no guarantees are implied or given with the sale of this badge set. Given Priti Nasty is the current Home on your guard.  

#KillTheBill #BlackLivesMatter #ExtinctionRebellion

Set of 4 x 38mm button badges on backing card.

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