Suffragette Badge Pack

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Suffragette Pack Of Three 38mm Badges

I'm fascinated by the rewriting and "peacewashing" of the Suffragette movement. These women  were badass. By any means necessary. And they won. In a long tradition of resistance movements making an initial derogatory name their own, the Suffragettes differentiated themselves from suffragists (SuffraGETtes GET votes) with their tactics. The modern equivalent of them firebombing letterboxes would be to bring down business communication by disrupting the internet. Imagine a movement that powerful?

Badge designs created with spray paint and paint brush with muted colours to create a modern interpretation of the Green White Violet (Give Women Votes) of the Suffragette movement. Badges feature three key slogans from the era, that are still relevant today; Deeds Not Words, Rise With Us and Courage. Blister pack features the Millicent Fawcett quote "Courage Calls To Courage Everywhere". Early suffragists had used green, white and red to symbolise Give Women Rights, which feels more important to me; it doesn't stop at votes. But the green, white an violet gave them their unique visual identity.

Design by Stevil of Heavy Manners Artivism 2022.

Shipping costs on badges are ridiculously high as they cannot be sent as a letter. Especially outside of the UK. If you order more than one item, you'll save money on shipping. So how about treating a friend to a badge pack?