Thatcher Tory Cuts Badge

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I Support Tory Cuts - OG Thatcher Edition - 38mm Badge

Inspired by an original poster pinned on my studio wall, screen printed by a friend of mine at Sheffield University in 1984, just ahead of the Battle Of Orgreave in Yorkshire.  

Maggie Thatcher remains a figure of hate in the UK. The Original Gangster of Tory Cuts. The bastard mother of the austerity that has divided our country, and plunged millions into poverty. But it was her war against the unions, especially the National Union of Miners, that started the process. #StillHateThatcher

38mm Badge. Design by Stevil of Heavy Manners 2022.

Shipping costs on badges are ridiculously high for just one badge (as they cannot be sent as a letter). Especially outside of the UK. If you order more than one item, you'll save money on shipping. So how about treating a friend to a badge?

In case it's not bleeding obvious, it's a joke. On Cuts. And Cu*ts. I'm not advocating violence. Lighten up.

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