Tory Cuts Badge Set

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I Support Tory Cuts - Set of three 38mm badges

Inspired by an original screen printed poster pinned on my studio wall of Thatcher, given to me by a friend who screenprinted it at Sheffield University in 1984, just ahead of the Battle Of Orgreave in Yorkshire.  Updated for 2022 (while they last) with Johnson, Patel & Mogg. Bunch of cuts. 

38mm Badge. Design by Stevil of Heavy Manners 2022.

Shipping costs on badges are ridiculously high for just one badge (as they cannot be sent as a letter). Especially outside of the UK. If you order more than one item, you'll save money on shipping. So how about treating a friend to a badge?

In case it's not bleeding obvious, it's a joke. On Cuts. And Cu*ts. I'm not advocating violence. Lighten up.

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