We Forget A4 Art Print

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"We Forget" A4 art print.

High quality A4 digital art print on recycled card stock

A "friend" of mine messaged me on Facebook to say he'd love to buy one of my paintings, he really liked my style, but thought they were too dark, and too political. Or perhaps he just meant the "wrong" politics? He asked if I'd paint him something a bit more cheerful. I told him I'd had an idea using the image of the Silent Soldier, as seen on a roundabout near you, and lest we forget lettering. He loved that idea, something very British, something patriotic, he said. Err, yeah, I replied. Very British.

So I made a collage from torn up newspaper images of Yemini children, bombed by British weapons, sold illegally to Saudi Arabia. Then coloured and stained the newsprint with ink and painted the no longer silent soldier, giving him a voice.

The "friend" called me a fucking traitor and unfriended me. What I learn from this is; next time, get the money upfront.

Stamped, signed and dated on reverse (stamp made from recycled materials using environmentally friendly vegan ink)

Original artwork; newsprint, ink and acrylic on canvas by Stevil of Heavy Manners Artivism 2019

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Frame not included.

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